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EDTECH 522 Final Project Reflection

This module was a perfect culminating activity for this course. While I have had several opportunities to create modules and course components, this was the first opportunity that I had to delve into a Moodle sandbox and work to put the framework in place to support the module that I was creating. This, being new, introduced a number of issues that either I wasn’t expecting, or wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of hunting and sidetracking that would be involved to resolve them.

I found the gathering, organization, and preparation of course material came together, almost as if it were second nature. This was extremely comforting! Sitting down to nurture an idea that soon became an outline that in short order became the material for a complete lesson without having to ponder the “how” of it made me feel like an Education Technologist / Online Instructor! Having chosen a topic that pertains to educating agents in their business development lent itself nicely and offered a jump start on material that could actually be deployed in a real world training session in my office… with a little more development.

Diving into Moodle’s “back end” was by far the biggest challenge!  Having never explored the administrator or instructor controls there was a fair amount of trial and error involved as I fumbled my way through the first operations of building the presentation components. With a basic understanding of at least the simple functions, I began playing with the visual themes in search of something that was more fitting for my course. Thankfully, I have a fairly extensive background with technology and more than a decade of online community forum management. While online forums have little to do with Moodle or Blackboard, they do feature a user accessed “front end” that handles the user interaction and a separate administration “back end” used to create, organize, and customize the site and user experience. Having this experience to draw upon did help navigate some of the features within Moodle.

One aspect of LMS that I have always been extremely disapointed with has been the community or forum components bundled within Blackboard and Moodle. These are a far cry from the forum scripts that I have been using for many years and are areas that I have always seen as a major drawback to online interaction with online courses.