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EDTECH 513: Digital Story

It seems as though many of us encounter life events that in hindsight were defining moments. Perhaps not always near death experiences, but something that results in a change of perspective and a memory that won’t ever be forgotten. My digital story is of just such an event that occurred days before I began dating my lovely wife and long before we were married and started our life together. Even longer still before we became parents and found a whole new set of adventures that life would send our way.

Through using personalization, I hope that my digital story will help to inspire those that happen across it to seize their life and live it to the fullest. Since we aren’t likely to know when the trip is over, it’s imperative that we not leave things undone or unsaid; enjoy everything that we have and be thankful for those that touch and add meaning to our lives.

This was a fantastic assignment and I had a lot of fun putting it together.


EDTECH 513: Friday Tech Roundup!

Being a tech junkie, I started working on a podcast reflecting on 4 cloud storage options available to students and professionals alike;, Google Drive,, and Dropbox.  While I had thought I would go through the in’s and out’s of all the services, I quickly discovered that with the time constraints it was going to have to be more of a simple overview with some highlights thrown in for good measure. 🙂  It was a blast however and I look forward to incorporating podcasts in future projects!

Podcast link:

EDTECH 513 Creating My Learning Log (2.3 Computer-Based Technologies)

One of the benefits of the rapid progression of web based tools is the relative ease of which someone can go from nothing to a full fledged website/blog with a few quick clicks of a mouse.  While there are many blogging/CMS platforms available, I have found that WordPress meets my needs and is relatively straight forward in its structure.  Of course, nothing is perfect, and there is always likelihood that some other product or platform will rise from obscurity and knock WordPress out of the top spot.  I have been using this WordPress blog for the past several semesters as a clearinghouse for my reflections and various assignments that were completed and shared with my peers.

Conducting activities such as this blog can be culminated over time to show a mastery of the various AECT standards.  This blog, for example, is a representation of 2.3 Computer Based Technologies!