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EDTECH 513: Friday Tech Roundup!

Being a tech junkie, I started working on a podcast reflecting on 4 cloud storage options available to students and professionals alike;, Google Drive,, and Dropbox. ¬†While I had thought I would go through the in’s and out’s of all the services, I quickly discovered that with the time constraints it was going to have to be more of a simple overview with some highlights thrown in for good measure. ūüôā ¬†It was a blast however and I look forward to incorporating podcasts in future projects!

Podcast link:


EDTECH 513 Creating My Learning Log (2.3 Computer-Based Technologies)

One of the benefits of the rapid progression of web based tools is the relative ease of which someone can go from nothing to a full fledged website/blog with a few quick clicks of a mouse.  While there are many blogging/CMS platforms available, I have found that WordPress meets my needs and is relatively straight forward in its structure.  Of course, nothing is perfect, and there is always likelihood that some other product or platform will rise from obscurity and knock WordPress out of the top spot.  I have been using this WordPress blog for the past several semesters as a clearinghouse for my reflections and various assignments that were completed and shared with my peers.

Conducting activities such as this blog can be culminated over time to show a mastery of the various AECT standards.  This blog, for example, is a representation of 2.3 Computer Based Technologies!

543 Social Media Policy (Module 6 Wk 2)

Real Estate Social Media Policy

This is a draft of a real estate brokerage social media policy for agents and staff, governing the behavior and content of materials posted online for¬†public consumption. This policy should be thoroughly reviewed and vetted by owners and brokers prior to distribution to agents and staff with modifications made as needed to suit a specific office environment. This media policy is based on and the National Association of Realtor’s Social Media Policy guide as found HERE;¬†and general business social media guide as found at

Education, Information, & Stake holders

  • Management should come together to review and customize this or any policy to ensure relevance, customizing as needed to make relevant for their¬†office and market.
  • Management should provide policy draft to agents before implementation for discussion and feedback to enhance agent compliance with guidelines¬†moving forward.


  • Agents will not claim credit for or knowledge of materials falsely. This includes, but is not limited to false representation of designations or¬†certificates earned.
  • Agents will conduct themselves in a professional manner in all interactions with the public online.


  • Agents and Staff (non-licensed) will conduct themselves in a professional manner online maintaining the high moral standards of the company. This¬†is including and not limited to personal photos as well as friends pages. Strict usage of permissions to control visible content is highly¬†recommended.
  • ¬†All content should be consistent with the Code of Ethics, local, state, and federal laws, licensing laws and regulations.


  • Blogs
  1. Agents will always identify themselves as real estate professionals when interacting with the public on third party sites when discussion real estate issues.
  2. Agents will clearly list the name and business contact information of their real estate office on any real estate website that they maintain for¬†their own use. Business information must appear “above the fold” and be clearly visible.
  • ¬†Third Party Sites (FB, YouTube, Twitter)
  1. Agents must disclose their status as a licensed agent when discussing real estate topics on any third party site.


  • All original post content, any re-use of materials from a third party site must be linked and credited appropriately.
  • Photographs and images should be the agents original content, or used within the image creator’s license with proper credit being given.
  • Any content posted shall be the responsibility of the agent in regards to content, compliance with all laws and regulations including fair housing,¬†antitrust, and real estate license laws.
  • No¬†privileged¬†or content that should only be available to licenee’s will ever be posted where it can be accessed by the general public.


  • Agents (and staff) should regularly monitor their posted content on their websites and blogs, as well as third party sites to facilitate ongoing discussion and to ensure that additional comments are appropriate and civil.

503 Module 2 ID Post

My project idea is to develop the materials for a course for recently licensed real estate sales people in the proper configuration of the technology tools required in the day to day operations of their business. Primary areas of focus to be computer/web tools (email/calendar/contact management), smart phone configuration of real estate tools (supra ekey/calendar/contact mgmt/email). Content will be delivered online.

I will be using the Discrepancy Model to conduct my needs assessment.  To conduct this needs assessment I will be surveying area Real Estate Brokers to identify their assessment of their agents technology skills and how they pertain to the agents ability to conduct business and address client issues at any time from any geographic location.  I will also be conducting a survey of real estate agents about their ability to maintain single entry data systems across multiple computing platforms (home pc, work pc, laptop) as well as conduct their business off-site.  Lastly, I will draw upon my personal experience from years of real estate sales experience and an extensive background as an IT Consultant.

The learning environment for my course will be completely web based.  This was chosen specifically to overcome the geographic boundaries imposed on face to face instruction and will allow us to target professionals across the state and even expand to the North West and nationwide.

Important areas for me to assess from my learners are:

  • Motivation
  • Attitude toward subject matter
  • Anxiety level
  • Interests

Questions that I would ask of my learners:

  • Can you currently manage/maintain a solitary client database on multiple devices?¬† If not, would being able to do so be beneficial?
  • What are the technology tools that you use every day in your business?
  • Would you seek out technology to improve your business?
  • Are you apprehensive of technology tools?