543 Personal Learning Environment Reflection

Creating the Personal Learning Environment was an interesting task to undertake. Firstly, it provided an excellent opportunity to utilize a recently discovered tool (Spicynodes) to map out the various into some semblance of order. As I was working on this project, I discovered that every time I opened the map to make an adjustment I thought of another node that should be added. There really is no shortage of learning environments to satisfy all possible interests thanks to the Internet. One of the limitations that I discovered within Spicynodes that I found particularly frustrating was an inability to control the nodes and their behavior directly. If I were to undertake this assignment again I might select another platform in order to exercise a little more control over the layout and formatting.

As this is the second part of a two part assignment, I found that I diverged fairly dramatically from my classmates in how we approached this task. One of my frequent work environment/networks is LinkedIn due to its extensive user base and smaller, targeted sub-groups in which you can discuss, interact, and learn from professionals from around the world in similar industries. Because I found such an extensive list of sub-networks within the LinkeIn platform covering a variety of business, personal, and education interests it seemed logical to focus and explore that avenue more fully. Based on what I have seen so far, none of my classmates took this approach; instead focusing on a variety of individual, external networks.

In an effort to more fully flush out my PLE I did expand to include other resources and networks that I use on an almost daily basis. It was not surprising that there was a fairly extensive list of sites and services that I found across many of my classmates projects as well as my own. Many of the major sites including Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr were common themes throughout. These networks offer so much information that it’s not surprising that they are popular places to turn for information.  After spending a considerable amount of time lurking, reading posts and content from others without engaging, this assignment provided an outstanding jumping off point to get significantly more active and engaged in one fell swoop.


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