543 Module 4 Wk1: Assessing Effective Content Curation

This assignment centered around working as a collaborative group to prepare fifteen (or more) criteria to use in the evaluation of curated content. I was vaguely aware of curation prior to this assignment, but had never given much thought to the process, how much it is needed with the constant addition of new information, and how every day tools serve to provide this service to the general public on a daily basis. It never occurred to me that web services like Twitter or Pinterest could be used in this capacity!

Creating the assessment criteria as a group was helpful as it enabled us to each head out in search of criteria that we thought were critical and then come back together and combine our results and discuss, modify, or remove items that didn’t fit the bill. I think that this completed list will indeed prove to be a useful tool in the evaluation of curated content in the next module.


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