505 Reflection #7 Rubric’s

The notion of rubrics, is a good one.  A rubric provides a road map of expectations from instructor to student outlining the path to the successful completion of an assignment.  While there are arguments against rubrics, they mostly seem to center around the degradation of student work (quality) because students are given the “bare minimum” requirements to succeed in the assigned task.  While this may be the case for some students, one can not discount that there will always be students in any given subject or class who are determined to put forth the least amount of effort possible while still completing the objective assigned.  Providing the crteria which will be used to assess these works ahead of time ensures that those completing the assignments have a road map to follow to ensure they complete the instructors list of objectives and don’t stray from the assignment’s paramaters.

While not an exclusive tool of acadameia, rubric’s seem to have less bearing in the private sector then they do in an academic setting.  Rubric’s, by their very nature, break down a task into various levels of correctness or point spread for grading purposes 70-80, 80-90, etc.  There are certianly situations in business education where grading occurs in which a rubric could be useful, but much of the time tasks, projects, or assignments are either right or wrong, complete or incomplete.  In these situations a rubric would not appear to be a relavent resource.  Case in point, business development courses or even licensing courses are, in my experience, pass fail.  You complete the work in a satisfactory manner and pass, or you do not and you fail.


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