505 Reflection #5

Problems and their specific solutions are rarely a cut and dry affair.  As we each interpret, or perceive, our surroundings differently, so to can problems be seen from many different angles leading to different interpretations as well as a variety of potential solutions.  Having a very clear and thorough understanding of the problem that must be overcome is critical.  Unfortunately, in many situations when a problem is first presented there is a rush to judgement regarding the nature of the problem, based on this initial assessment plans are undertaken to resolve the problem.  Unfortunately, when the problem is mis-understood, or not fully understood to begin with a large amount of time and energy is wasted solving part of, or worse yet, none of the actual problem.

Being able to thoughtfully identify a problem is the first step towards achieving its resolution and as we proceed in our roles of evaluators we are certainly going to come across problems that require resolution.  Rather than rushing to judgement and heading down the first suggested solution perhaps we should pause.  Engage in thoughtful analysis and participate in some collaborative discussion to ensure that the parties involved are in agreement as to the nature of the problem and obtain a consensus on how to resolve it.  Maintaining a focus on the big picture can help to avoid becoming mired in details that may be inconsequential and ensure that the final resolution will ensure that the issue can indeed be put aside once and for all.


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