505 Reflection 3

As is the case in so many avenues, intention is key.  This holds true even when conducting evaluations.  There can be confusion as to whether something is evaluation or research, but the answer lies within the content of the data and the final report, the intention of the evaluator, and the objectives of the stakeholders.  I have always had an understanding of how important thoughtful and thorough evaluation was to a project, but it had not occurred to me the amount of trust and power that an evaluator wields.

Writing and expression has always been an avenue that I have both enjoyed and excelled at.  As I further explore evaluation I am able to take great comfort in the various forms of reporting that are available to us to deliver the results to the associated stakeholders.  Variety is the spice of life and in performing evaluations not only will my work likely involve working with new people and groups on a regular basis, but the extensive varieties in which material can be presented appeals to my creative side.

Drawing upon extensive experience that has been garnered over many years and countless past projects would give an evaluator an almost sixth sense in how best to perform an evaluation, on anything I expect.  How to get to this point as quickly as possible is certainly a concern.  How can a new evaluator be prepared to render the highest quality evaluation and have the versatility to deliver it in the manner that is the most appropriate to the stakeholders without having the real life experience to draw upon?  As a future evaluator, these are the questions that keep me up at night.


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