505 Reflection #2

Mastering evaluation is a significantly more involved process than I had first anticipated.  While I have participated in various program evaluations in classes as well as product or service evaluations in business, there is considerably more depth to the process than may be evident at first glance.  This week I learned that of the four levels of data, nominal and ordinal data are typically used in qualitative evaluation and quantitative evaluation makes use of interval and ratio data.  It was also interesting to put specific thought towards the types of instruments that I would most likely be using in the future and how I might go about performing a specific evaluation project.

Because the scope of evaluation is so vast, spending time considering the specific instruments that I would be developing in the future really brings home the fact that this is the kind of work that I will be undertaking in a professional capacity in the near future.  The more I ponder my current plans for the evaluation project the more concerned I am becoming that not only is the scope too large to undertake for this project but that the topic also needs to be boiled down to a much finer point to provide real value.

I wonder now, how one can consistently produce a viable and meaningful evaluation platform at the earliest stages of their career.  Obviously, with time and experience it likely becomes second nature. However, having just gotten started it is proving to be a considerable undertaking.


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