504 Module 3 Reflection

Constructivism, Student Centered learning, and Community of Practice all have their places based largely on a combination of factors.   The students involved in the lessons, the subject matter, and the instructor themselves all play pivotal roles in the determination of the most suitable formatting.

I must confess that on the whole, I find Student Centered Learning to be the most functional, all around style of delivering effective instruction to learners in a manner that they will not only receive the information, but will be likely to process and retain it while making the material their own to serve their needs in the future as well.  The concept of instructor lecturing to a student body is all but antiquated when considering the student advantages seen when the students are made the focus.  Combined with the technology tools that are available to supplement classroom instruction via the Internet and other multimedia components and students now have tools available to them that we could have only dreamed of twenty years ago.

Students that already have a developed base knowledge can benefit from a Constructivisim approach, but I feel that this approach is inherently limited due to the fact that it is based so heavily on a students ability to explore their way to knowledge.  Whether or not they arrive at the desired destination is left far to much to chance in my opinion.  This approach is especially problematic for young learners that don’t have any past experience to speak of to draw upon to build new knowledge.

Community of Practice ties in well with Student Centered learning by encouraging the collaboration of a diverse group of students with similar goals.  While turning students loose with no direction is not the answer in my view, providing instruction and encouraging discussion and collaboration can lead to remarkable insights being discovered and shared.

Educational technology continues to provide new resources that can further engage students and I make use of these advances at every possible opportunity in my content.  I believe in maintaining the focus on the most important group in the classroom, the students.  By combining the best aspects of the above theories and using current technology tools to further enhance instruction will not only provide students with a wealth of tools to succeed but also attempt to hone a competitive edge in their future endeavors.


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