503 Module 2 ID Post

My project idea is to develop the materials for a course for recently licensed real estate sales people in the proper configuration of the technology tools required in the day to day operations of their business. Primary areas of focus to be computer/web tools (email/calendar/contact management), smart phone configuration of real estate tools (supra ekey/calendar/contact mgmt/email). Content will be delivered online.

I will be using the Discrepancy Model to conduct my needs assessment.  To conduct this needs assessment I will be surveying area Real Estate Brokers to identify their assessment of their agents technology skills and how they pertain to the agents ability to conduct business and address client issues at any time from any geographic location.  I will also be conducting a survey of real estate agents about their ability to maintain single entry data systems across multiple computing platforms (home pc, work pc, laptop) as well as conduct their business off-site.  Lastly, I will draw upon my personal experience from years of real estate sales experience and an extensive background as an IT Consultant.

The learning environment for my course will be completely web based.  This was chosen specifically to overcome the geographic boundaries imposed on face to face instruction and will allow us to target professionals across the state and even expand to the North West and nationwide.

Important areas for me to assess from my learners are:

  • Motivation
  • Attitude toward subject matter
  • Anxiety level
  • Interests

Questions that I would ask of my learners:

  • Can you currently manage/maintain a solitary client database on multiple devices?  If not, would being able to do so be beneficial?
  • What are the technology tools that you use every day in your business?
  • Would you seek out technology to improve your business?
  • Are you apprehensive of technology tools?

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