EDTECH 504 Module 1 Summary & Reflection

Education Technology, in various forms, has long been a part of education.  With the advent of newer, less expensive, portable, and web based technology “high-tech” is heading into the classroom.  While no tool is without it’s drawback, thoughtful implementation of technology tools can facilitate increased understanding through direct student interaction and immersion that has not previously been possible.

Several potential pitfalls in the field of EDTECH center around access and motivation.  Access poses a problem on two fronts unfortunately.  First, districts must have funds available to purchase these new systems and tools and have teachers on staff capable of putting them to use.  Secondly, many students still do not have computer or Internet access available outside the classroom which severely limits their ability to take part in and make use of these incredible learning tools.

Motivation and self direction are traits that take a long time to master and can pose a significant hurdle for many young learners.  The immersive and interactive nature of tools that are now available offer an improved learning environment for learners, but not without a price.  These tools require a certain amount of commitment and dedication on the part of the student to regularly participate to get the most out of the instruction.  Procrastination can be the downfall of the learner if the classwork gets away from them with no parental or instructor oversight.

My personal teaching practice centers around using education technology to deliver content to learners, primarily through concise video presentations targeting a single learning objective.  As my target audience are business professionals that likely have short bursts of time to access course material I have kept individual videos to less than 5 minutes and each focuses on one specific topic.

With a background in technology, I am hoping to learn more about  instructional design and develop a strong foundation within EDTECH from this program so that I can develop a more well rounded and organized course.  I hope that my background will prove to be a valuable resource as well as offering a sounding board from a more business related background for those in the more traditional instructional fields.


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