EDTECH 503 Instructional Designer Assignment

Boise start up seeks instructional designer with 3 – 5 years experience with adult curriculum development with a strong emphasis in technology fields.  The ideal candidate will have a passion for technology, a wide breadth of knowledge in related fields, and excellent communication skills with experience in MS Office applications and Camtasia video production software.  Candidates must be experienced self-starters that are able to function independently as well as collaborate with other team members on various projects.

Job Requirements:

Applicants should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in instructional design or related field with 3 years experience and be able to demonstrate skills in the following areas:

  • Maintaining current working knowledge of PC, SmartPhone, Web technology
  • Developing Needs Analysis
  • Lesson plan development
  • Designing technical skills training, delivered through video or other digital media
  • Basic command of XHTML, PHP, XML, and FLASH development

Preferred Skills:

  • Masters degree in instructional design or related field
  • Information Technology background
  • Extensive sales and customer service experience

1)  The job of a teacher is to take the course material and objectives and craft lesson plans to successfully deliver the information in manageable blocks to the students.  A teacher will also continue to monitor student progress and be available to assist students through material that may be challenging.  Teachers are the vessels through which information is discriminated to the students.

2)  The job of an instructional designer is to assemble the content and course materials for use by the instructor.  An instructional designer is proficient at maximizing learning experiences and uses this skillset to determine the needs of the learner and then creating tools and materials to aid the student in the acquisition of this new information.

3)  The role of an instructional designer is to map out the objectives of the course and provide materials and information to successfully disseminate that information to the students.  The role of a teacher is to take the materials provided by the instructional designer and apply it to lesson plans in manageable sections for student consumption.  A teacher is also spending time consistently working directly with students on a day to day basis.

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