Technology Use Planning

Understanding exactly what it is that you wish to achieve and being able to put that plan to paper and convey the heart of the matter to others is an imperative component of any plan.  Technology planning is no different, in fact it may be even more imperative that a technology use plan be clear and direct to compensate for the varying degrees of technology where-with-all of the general public.

Technology use planning is important because it brings together a group of all the stake holders involved and sets out to identify the technology needs that are to be addressed.  It then outlines a specific course of action and a set time-line to meet those needs.  This initial assessment is so important because it sets the process in motion, but I would argue that the ongoing, continued assessment and evaluation is the most important aspect.  Technology is constantly evolving, as are the needs of students.  Through regular evaluation and modification a plan that was developed two or more years ago can continue to be relevant and effective for years to come.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been involved in the development of an official Technology Use Plan, but it is similar to what I have created and continuously adjust for my business.  By outlining the specific goals and objectives of the project one can quickly identifying individual areas that require attention and modified as needed.

In reviewing several technology plans I was most surprised by the varying levels of detail provided in each.  While I understand that there is no exact formula for completing a valid plan, some took what seems like an aerial, broad overview approach while others were street level with every minute detail for every step of the process outlined in great detail.  The University of New Hampshire Technology Strategic Plan being an example of the high altitude overview and the Wright State University & Newhall Elementary School Plan plan being much more specific by comparison.


University of New Hampshire Strategic Technology Plan:

Wright State University Information Technology Plan:

Newhall Elementary School District Tech Use Plan:

Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan


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