Ed Tech Skills & Knowledge/Job Opportunities

Education Technology students should have a passion for technology and creative instruction.  The entire concept of Ed. Tech. is to convert and develop instructional materials that go beyond the standard lecturer/listener model.  The resulting format is often much more engaging and digestible material that students are able to process at their own pace, frequently via the learning style that best suits them.

Education Technologists must be comfortable navigating the Internet as a large portion of material crafted and delivered is done so for distance learning.  The fastest and easiest means to share this content is via the web.  Education Technologists in K-12/post-secondary need to be familiar with class content management systems such as WebCT, Moodle, BlackBoard, along with word processing & presentation software to support innovative forms of content delivery.  If the focus is on employment in the private sector, virtual worlds, online communities, and screen capture/presentation recording platforms are highly desirable.

As is the case with any kind of instruction in our shrinking, global community, the ability to speak/write in more than one language is highly desirable in any position, especially as an educator.  While English is a common language, having diverse materials that can move beyond English for non-native English speakers is extremely advantageous for employers.

Attributes of an Education Technologist:

As in most positions within education, one must be comfortable speaking in front of people, be animated, and be able to engage in online discussions (video and text).  Facilitating a course online is a completely separate experience from instructing a class full of students and instructors need to be prepared for that (Questions for Potential Online Instructors).  One of the most important skills of all has to be strong writing skills! The ability to convey clearly and concisely the ideas behind the lesson or material to be imparted to the learner is imperative.  As this material is designed to be delivered across untold distance, the student must understand the materials and instructors expectations for projects and assignments submitted for evaluation.  Instructors must also be masters of scheduling/time management.  Materials must be ready and be available on schedule so that students are able to proceed through the course.  Evaluations must also be completed in a timely manner to provide students feedback regarding their proficiency with the material.

Career Opportunities:

  • College instruction
  • Many universities are developing or expanding EdTech programs and are looking for additional instructors for online education/distance learning.
  • K-12
  • K-12 institutions are expanding content online and require skilled   individuals to aid in the development of the materials as well as the delivery.  Enhancing instruction, developing interactive learning modules.  Student Inclusion = Technology Infusion (Sylvia Martinez & Dennis Harper)
  • Private Sector
  • Creating and facilitating training materials via the Internet or corporate Intranet bringing complex concepts to life.

EdTech Average Salary Estimates:

  1. Philadelphia, PA $59,000
  2. Denver, CO $58,000
  3. San Diego, CA $58,000
  4. Portland, OR $55,000
  5. Seattle, WA $55,000
  6. Boise, ID $46,000


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EDTech Education:

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Salary Data:

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