What have we learned…

What have we learned from some 50 years of applying technology to educational problems that can improve our strategies now?”

After reviewing the presentations, videos, and documents for this assignment one of the issues that resonated with me with the most clarity was exactly how far we have come in such a short period of time.  It is even more clear now that we, as educators, must embrace and incorporate technology into our programs and be open to new technology as it becomes available.  We are fortunate today to have access to a wealth of systems and tools that can help to encourage learning and understanding tailored to each individual students learning style with little additional effort.

In the days of one room school houses, students that were unable to process instruction in the manner it was delivered were likely left behind, or required individual tutoring or one on one assistance in class from the teacher to the detriment of the rest of the class.  Using simple systems and technology available today we can provide learning materials to suit visual, aural, physical, social, or solitary learning styles.  Content can be posted online as a resource to be used outside of class to ensure that all students can process the material in a manner that suits them and not slow the rest of the class, during class time.

It is amazing to think on what new tools and technology will be available in the next 40 years.  Even now, over 80% of homes in the US have one or more computers in them (Research & Markets).  By remaining open to new methods and technology, I think that education, and more to the point content delivery, will continue to evolve to suit the needs of the students.  There will always be a need for outstanding educators, but pairing great teachers with great technological tools gives students a competitive edge by ensuring that they can process and retain the material.  This is the power of education technology.


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