Article Response: Efficacy of OnlineLearning

I read Wendy Rickard’s Efficacy of OnlineLearning article and found it to be interesting, yet predictable.  The power and versatility of online content delivery and it’s benefits to the public/private sector as well as students seem almost self evident.

One of the limiting factors for any brick & mortar facility is the brick and mortar.  Having space to house classrooms and keeping that space functional is extremely expensive.  An expanding program (on campus) may require the acquisition of more land, new buildings, landscaping, furniture, maintenance personnel etc costing millions of dollars.  A popular online program can accommodate almost infinite growth by adding more instructors and additional computer infrastructure to support the delivery of the content.

Not only is online content delivery more scalable over time, it can also be tailored to meet the needs of each learning style without hampering the progress of the rest of the class.  This is incredibly helpful in allowing students to succeed without requiring the instructor to teach the same material two or three times.

One of the biggest pitfalls for online instruction, in my opinion, is time management.  It can be extremely difficult for some individuals to manage their time effectively when there is no scheduled “class time” and instead students tackle their work on their own 1 week at a time.  Since time management is an essential life skill however, it may actually be yet another benefit of online instruction by forcing individuals to manage their time effectively.

It was extremely reassuring to learn that online learning is growing rapidly in all areas from K-12 and the collegiate level to corporate training as well.  I had no doubt that I was in the right, forward thinking, ahead of the curve program before I even got started; this article further confirms my belief that I am exactly where I should be.



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  1. Yes that was an interesting article on online learning. Glad that you feel that you are the cutting edge!


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